Home Visits

Please ask for home visits only if the patient is too ill to be brought to the surgery or is genuinely housebound.   A good rule-of-thumb is if the patient is normally able to travel out to have their hair cut or visit the shops or post-office, they are able to travel to the surgery, unless of course illness prevents this.

In the time taken for one home visit the doctor can see 4 patients in the surgery.

In addition, it is much easier to assess and manage patients in the surgery, where we have access to all the necessary diagnostic equipment and tests, as well as your full medical history.

If you do require a home visit please try to telephone the practice before 10 am. The reception team will request the full name, address and telephone number of the patient, and full details of their condition so that the doctor can assess the priority of the visit. The doctor may feel it more appropriate to conduct a consultation and arrange management over the telephone. In other words, making a request for a home visit does not guarantee one.