GP Appointments

GP Appointments can be booked via:

  • Telephone for same day and routine
  • Online for same day and routine (Please write a brief reason for the appointment)

More Face to Face (F2F) appointments have now been introduced and there will be a limited number of appointments available to be booked 24hours in advance (appointments will be released at 8am the day before).

The majority of our appointments will still be same day appointments. Please call at 8am for morning appointments or 11.30am for an afternoon appointment.

Non-urgent advice: Please note

When booking your appointment, you will be asked a reason for this appointment, this is to ensure that you are booked with the correct clinician.

There is often a high demand for appointments and the duty doctor on that day may need to decide if the problem requires an appointment for that day, or if there is another way you can be helped. For example the duty doctor may arrange appropriate tests with a nurse prior to seeing a GP or advise that you could be treated at a local pharmacy. Go to our Self Care page to find out if an appointment with a GP is necessary.

If you are unable to keep your appointment please inform us as soon as possible so it may be re-allocated.

Patients can leave a message for the Doctor or Nurse and order prescriptions via online services. Always give your name, date of birth and telephone number.

Please see a guide here on when our GP’s are scheduled to work at the practice.

Nurse Appointments:

Nurse appointments can be made in advance and appointments can booked at any time, please avoid calling at 8am & 11.30am as the phone lines will be extremely busy with Patients booking GP appointments.  There are also a number of appointments available to be booked online these are for Blood Tests, Cervical Smears and Dressings.  (Please ensure you book the correct appointment type).

Enhanced Access:

We offer additional options for appointments via Enhanced Access through Primary Care Doncaster.