Active Practice

At the Burns practice we recognise the benefit of physical activity for everyone improving both physical and mental health.  Aiming for 30 minutes of increased movement reduces the risks of many common conditions including diabetes, heart disease.  If 30 minutes feels too much start small – five minutes a day and build this up as it all helps.

We actively encourage staff and patients to be more active; encouraging cycling and walking to work and providing bike storage facilities. We are also a parkrun practice working with Sandall Park parkrun which provides a fee 5km event at every Saturday morning at 9am. See the proof below!

If you want to get moving here are some ways to get started:

Come along to Parkrun – for more information on how to register and what it involves, click here.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be able to run 5km! It also involves “Parkwalk” with a focus on getting more active. See the leaflet below:

Try the NHS couch to 5km plan!

Learn more about different ways to get active here.

If it is difficult getting out and about or even standing there are still ways to improve activity.  Chair based exercises with a video available here.

These are just some ways to get moving. If you want to get further information about getting more active, visit the nhs website or come and speak to our practice staff.