Primary Care Network

4Doncaster Primary Care Network

The 4Doncaster Primary Care Network was established in 2019 by four practices situated in central Doncaster:

  • The Burns Medical Practice
  • The Kingthorne Group Practice
  • The Mount Group Practice
  • The St Vincent Group Practice

The network population is approximately 55000 patients spread equally across the four practices. The practices have come together as a network in order to be able to respond in an agile, flexible and responsive manner to changes taking place in the NHS by the establishment of networks of practices.

The establishment of the 4Doncaster network has enabled the recruitment of additional staff, including clinical pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, social prescribers, physiotherapists, and Health and Well Being Coaches. The aim is above all to improve the service that we provide to patients by targeting and focussing resources so that patients are seen by the most appropriate healthcare professional.