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Nurse led clinics

Chronic Heart Disease

Monitoring of blood pressure, height, weight, tolerance of medication, as well as any required blood tests, including cholesterol.


Monitoring of blood glucose levels, height, weight, blood pressure as well as pulses in ankles and foot care. Monitoring of medication and insulin.

Hypertension patients

Review of height, weight and blood pressure readings; monitoring medication to reduce blood pressure and any blood tests required, including cholesterol.

Respiratory clinic

Asthma or chronic lung disease, including ‘bronchitis’ and ‘emphysema’. Review of inhalers and their use as well as lung function testing.

Stopping smoking

Practice nurses are trained to offer advice and support in quitting smoking through the use of counselling, nicotine replacement therapy and medication in suitable patients. There is strong evidence that patients are more likely to quit with the assistance of someone trained in smoking cessation.

Cervical cytology

Women require a smear test, to look for cervical cancer, every 3 years up to the age of 64 and our practice nurses offer this.

Long term conditions

The practice offers annual reviews for patients and carers of those with epilepsy, dementia, mental illness and other long term conditions.

Weight Management Clinic

12 weekly appointments to discuss all aspects of diet, health, lifestyle and exercise. Run by Diane and Flora from the nursing team. For more information click here

Joint injections clinic

These are offered by Dr Park, Dr Rowell & Dr Bingham.

Liquid nitrogen clinic

Please note this service is currently on hold due to the pandemic, but we will let you know when its up & running again 

Dr Park holds regular cryotherapy (cold treatment) clinics for skin problems. Access to this clinic if through a routine appointment with a doctor, who will refer you if appropriate.

Minor operations

Dr Park performs minor surgery for moles, small skin lumps and cysts. Access to this is through a routine appointment, preferably with Dr Park.

Contraceptive implant & coil clinic

Dr Rowell and Dr Lockwood are trained in the fitting and removal of contraceptive implants and coils. If you are interested in this long acting method of contraception then please make an appointment with either doctor.


Childhood immunisations

Scheduled and extra immunisations as required please see further information here.

Adult immunisations

Full service, including travel, flu and pneumonia vaccinations.

Travel vaccinations

Please click here for a travel health questionnaire which should be completed and handed in/emailed to reception so that an appointment can be booked for you to have travel vaccinations at least 6 weeks before you travel.

Find out which travel jabs you need for your destination.

For more information on travel vaccinations click here

Shingles vaccination

Find out here if you are eligible.

Flu vaccination

Are you aged 18-64 years old and suffer with any of the following conditions?

Heart, Respiratory, Diabetes, Kidney, Epilepsy, Rheumatoid, Cancer, Dementia, Immunosuppressed, have a learning difficulty, suffer with mental health problems, have a BMI over 40, carer or pregnant?

If you answered yes to any of these then you are eligible for a free flu jab here at the surgery.

For more information click here for NHS facts

Child flu

For those children that are either aged 2-3 years up to 4 years old or aged up to 18 years old with a chronic condition (please see above) the practice will invite parents/guardians to book an appointment for the nasal flu spray in the autumn.